At Bumble we have gone through extensive testing to bring you the finest beeswax in the world. Our beeswax is sourced from the pristine outback of New South Wales, and to ensure our candles are of the highest quality we only use capping wax.

The colour of clean wax is influenced by a few things, the main factor being the pollen the bees consume.  Nearly all of our wax is golden yellow, most of the pollen around the outback is yellow or cream, in some areas the bees collect white pollen from certain plants.

Our candles are naturally fragrant, with a subtle honey aroma and produce a bright, steady and beautiful flame.

We also take great pride in being the only beeswax candle company to source our cotton wicks from Australia, in-turn we do our little bit in supporting Australian local communities, jobs and the reduction in the carbon footprint – as they say, every little bit helps!

So relax, put your feet up and check out our beautiful range of candles.