How to Find the Best Rubber Tracks for Your Machine

Rubber Tracks Australia

Rubber tracks are a major investment. You need to make sure that the tracks you are buying are ideal for your kind of work. It’s therefore important to keep a few things in mind when you plan to buy brand new rubber racks. These should be durable sturdy and also be good value for money. So how do you determine which rubber racks are the best. It’s simple, just keep the following things in mind when purchasing rubber tracks.

Rubber tarcks off an excavator

The material

Rubber tracks should be made from material which is resistant to wear and tear. Some companies ensure that the rubber they use goes through a series of rigorous tests for durability and strength. Since the tracks need to pass over all sorts of terrains, be they smooth or rough, durability of the material would ensure that these tracks last for a longer period of time. If the tracks are made from the best quality rubber there is, stones and other sharp objects might not cause the tracks to lose their elasticity. In fact the tracks would glide smoothly over any small obstacle.

What would the rubber tracks be used for?

Rubber tracks are used for a variety of machinery. When buying one for your machine make sure you specify which machine you are buying these for. Tracks can be used on excavators, drill machines, crawlers, dumpers and mini loaders. Though some of these tracks are universal and can be sued on any of these machines, specific machines may require specific kind of rubber tracks.

Should come with a warranty

When you are buying rubber tracks, you need to know that these would provide you with the best value for money. Tracks which come with a warranty are your best bet. Why simply because if it fails to work properly you could always get a replacement or have them repaired free of cost. Don’t just go about buying any cheap rubber tracks just to save a few dollars. Chances are when you compromise on quality you may not get the performance that you expected.

Other things to keep in mind when buying rubber tracks

  • The rubber tracks should meet with all the OEM specifications or exceed those specifications. Stay clear of tracks which do not meet the OEM criteria
  • The pattern of the rubber tracks is also pretty important. Most companies offer rubber tracks with varied patterns to suite every need and requirements. The right patterned tracks would offer you a less bumpy ride even on the most uneven terrain.
  • Always do a bit of research when purchasing rubber tracks. You could go and visit the store on your own or you might even check out what’s on display by visiting rubber rack’s Australia’s website. View the specifications carefully and choose tracks which would be ideal for your machinery and work conditions.

Still not sure which rubber tracks to purchase? Don’t fret, make sure you contact Terrappe Group. Their friendly and helpful staff would help you determine the ideal sets of tracks for your machinery.